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SunPro Window Tint – Custom  Window Tinting for  Residential and Commercial Markets. Encinitas, CA

Greater comfort and in your home or office

SunPro is the leading provider of custom window tinting for any size installation. Window film provides glare, heat, and fading protection for all types of window systems and offers LEED points to the design industry.

Increased security from broken glass

SunPro has several security and anti-graffiti films available to protect your home and business from break-ins and glass etching.  These films protect you from breaking glass shards by holding the glass in place. Anti-graffiti film can be easily removed and replaced to reduce cost.

Longer life for your carpets and upholstery

SunPro Tinting specializes in custom window film solutions for both residential window tinting and commercial window tinting markets. These films cut off more than 99.9% of the ultraviolet rays that cause skin problems and fading of interiors protecting valuable home furnishings, wood flooring, carpet and wall hangings.

Lower energy bills

SunPro window films are Energy Star rated and provide end users with LEED points, Bench Marking points, SDG&E, State and Federal rebates and credits.  Please contact us for more energy saving information.